Your Very Own Song

Paul writes original songs for special occasions. The song will be completely specific to you or the loved one that you are wanting the song for. It could be a wedding birthday, anniversary, graduation, funeral etc. Based on the information you provide in the survey and consultation, you can have a simple poem right up to a fully produced band track. This will be a once in a lifetime gift for yourself or someone you love.

“Paul Colman is an extremely talented individual. For my birthday, my co-workers hired him to write a song for me. The song was incredibly personalized. He took their thoughts and ideas and magically turned it into a song for my birthday that was so amazing! If you want to give someone an unforgettable gift that they will cherish forever…Have Paul write a song for you.” -Cindy Brown

Song Samples

Cindy Brown (birthday)
Sweet Everett (college graduation)
Luckiest Guy in the World (wedding anniversary)
Just As You Are (wedding)
KRU NAM (for notforsale)
SherryLee (birthday gift – Sung by client)
Tomorrowland (wedding)

This is the best gift I’ve ever given my wife!! I filled out the questionnaire and wrote everything I loved about my wife. Paul used this to wrote a phenomenal song. I chose the option to sing on the track and it was an incredible experience. Paul made me feel really comfortable the whole time. He gave me a lot of do-overs and worked his magic on the computer to make me sound my best. My wife absolutely LOVED her birthday gift!!! -Ben, Nashville, TN


Lyrics (poem) $299

Lyrics and music and iPhone voice note recording – $599

Song written and acoustic recording, mix and master – $950

Song written and full band recording, mix and master – $1250

Song written and full band recording, mix and master and you come and sing on it – $1500 (Please note: you need to come to Franklin, TN if you choose to sing on the recording; in which case, all costs, except studio costs, are your responsibility)

I highly recommend Paul Colman to compose and sing a song to help you celebrate a special occasion.  That is exactly what he did for me and my wife!  I surprised her for our anniversary by collaborating with Paul to write a song about our 30 years together.  The process was simple, but it is only because Paul was awesome at inquiring about our relationship.  I shared with him facts and figures, but Paul stated frankly, “Yeah mate, that is great, but how do you feel?”  I told him I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.  He replied, “That’s the title of the song! – Mike Barlow

When my son was graduating from college, I wanted to give him something special, beyond the standard gift, that would honor his achievement.  I had the thought of putting together a video of him over the years but didn’t know what song would be just right for it.  I then realized I had a musician in my midst, Paul Colman, who might be willing to write a song and record it for my son.  Paul was more than happy to do so and after sharing with him stories and experiences that captured the character and personality of my son, Paul went full speed ahead in putting it together.  Now, I was expecting a good and well-developed song, probably with an acoustic guitar, something kind and simple.  What Paul delivered was a fully produced amazing song that was fun, upbeat, celebratory with the perfect mix of nostalgia and sentiment.  I was blown away.
When my son heard the song for the first time, and realize he’s not one for overly emotional responses, he was amazed and sincerely touched by it.  After listening to it, he turned to me and said, “That was amazing, I never thought I’d have my own song.”  
Clearly I would recommend connecting with Paul and being blessed with his talents to share your message with a loved one or whomever.  Paul’s personality, humor, caring spirit and commitment is a wonderful experience in and of itself.  I encourage you to take that step and enjoy the process. -Wade Jackson