Paul Colman grew up with a father who performed as an actor in the theater. Robert Colman was a well known actor and singer in the UK and Australia and Paul grew up hearing his father do a wide variety of impersonations of languages all around the world. To this the day, the two speak to one another in an assortment of accents and impressions. Paul has also travelled extensively throughout the world, having visited 6/7 continents. He has a wonderful ability to impersonate a variety of accents and applies this abilities to voiceover work for tv, radio, video-games, and several other audio platforms.


Paul’s regular speaking voice for TV/radio/internet/video-online content/e-learning/gaming/training/phone messages/podcasts/audiobooks

Up to 15 seconds (0-40 words) $60

Up to 30 seconds (41-85 words) $80

Up to 1 minute (86-150 words) $115

Up to 2 minutes (151-300 words) $175

Up to 5 minutes (301-750 words) $225

Up to 10 minutes (751-1500 words) $290

Character reads for TV/radio/internet/video/gaming/phone messages/podcasts/training

1 character/impersonation $50 (every 25 words) 

2 character/impersonations $100 (every 25 words)

3 character/impersonations $150 (every 25 words) 

4 or more character/impersonations $250 (every 25 words)

Production (recording/delivery of separate files)

Up to 4 soundbites $30

Between 4-10 soundbites $45

Between 10-25 soundbites $60

More than 25 $100

Interested in working with Paul? Email him at info@paulcolman.com