Pre-production is the work you do on a song BEFORE you record it. 

“I’ve worked with different producers in the past, but working with Paul Colman took my songs to a whole new level. Previously I had just showed up to the studio with my songs and recorded them as they were, but this time around we actually deconstructed every part of every song—both musically and lyrically—and rebuilt them to make sure that we were making the best possible version. Working with such experienced musicians could have been intimidating, but Paul made sure that all my ideas were heard and we worked as equals. This process didn’t only improve the songs I ended up recording for my EP, but also strengthened my songwriting all together. I would definitely work with Paul again!” – Ana Storm

Why the Pre-Production Specialist?

The biggest mistake people make when recording, is not to spend enough time in pre-production. Many musicians buy their own gear and set out to record their music but the songs themselves are often not the best they can be. In addition, many producers don’t spend enough time on pre-production as they have a certain number of records they are committed to producing in a certain time period. It’s like painting a room before you have fixed the wall. No matter how good the paint or painting is, it’s never going to look the best. It’s the same with recording. If you don’t do the due-diligence of making the songs the absolute best they can be, then no matter how good the production is, they’ll never advance your music endeavors. Better to have average production on a great song than the other way around.

Pre-Production includes:

-Choosing the best song(s)

-Rewriting the song(s)

-Deciding on the best tempo and key

-Crafting the best possible arrangement

-Making a Demo

“I’ve been a touring musician for over 15 years.  I thought I had a pretty good grasp of how to craft a song, how to arrange music and how to connect with an audience.  Well, turns out, I had a lot to learn.  I was honored to work alongside Paul and to let him into my mind, my music.  His ability to give the best of his thoughts without hesitation and his willingness to help from the first lyric to the final mix of the full record is un-matched.  The massive benefit to using Paul was his un-willingness to let something happen without purpose.  Each note, lyric and vibe was deliberate and brilliant!  I’m a better songwriter, musician and artist because of knowing and working with Paul.  You cannot find a better person to help push you forward in this industry.”  -Jonas Woods

Pre-Production Samples

Lainey Wright, Weeping Willow Tree: Before
Lainey Wright, Weeping Willow Tree: After
Lainey Wright, Defeat The Night
Lainey Wright, Freedom Song
Jonas Woods, The Light is Always On: Before
Jonas Woods, The Light is Always On: After
Dean Richardson, Far From Finished: Before
Dean Richardson, Far From Finished: After
Epic Season, The Sun: Before
Epic Season, The Sun: After
Ana Storm, Miss the Ocean: Before
Ana Storm, Miss the Ocean: After

Working with Paul on my albums was so good!  He is a true professional, and a great hang.  Taking what were good ideas and making them great songs!  Honest opinions and easy to work with, he has a real knack for melody and is a bridge master!  Loved the experience! I would recommend his help to anyone needing a hand to make theirs the best project possible!” – Dean Richardson


-$299 per song (2 song minimum)

-3 or more songs is $199 per song

Interested in working with Paul? Send him an email to begin your pre-production process.