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“The thing I love about Paul is his education. I really feel like he helped my wife and I through the process & it’s been amazing to be able to have someone talk us through the process of saving money when it comes to health expenses.” -Jordan and Jaqueline, TN 

Paul is an independent, licensed and certified Health and Life Insurance Agent. He is licensed in 33 states. His company, Boomerang Health Insurance, is based in Nashville, TN and services most of the United States with healthcare plans. As an independent advisor, Paul is able to view and shop ALL insurance plans within a given state (both private and public), therefore providing the most comprehensive spectrum of options for clients to choose from.  

The boomerang is traditionally associated with indigenous Australians, although there is archaeological evidence to show that it was also used in Africa, Europe, and North America. Paul spent 27 years of his life living in Australia and wanted to use the boomerang to honor the Aboriginal people of Australia, and to create a talking point to discuss their story and culture. 

“Paul has been incredible to work with- he’s super attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. It’s been such a relief knowing I’ve got a new friend who can navigate the confusing waters of the health insurance world with me, and explain everything in a way that’s easy to understand!” Ashley, TN

“Paul has been an excellent source of clarity and security in providing insurance after I became self-employed! He explained all my options and the variables and I love that I can text him anytime I have a question about my plan and he’s right there with an answer. No need to get stuck on the phone with customer service reps or fill out online quotes that sell your phone number: just call Paul!” -Maria, WV 

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Adult Health History: primary

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